Locals Guide to Virginia Beach Breweries

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In Virginia Beach, our ever-expanding beer scene is overflowing with unique flavors that we are proud to share with everyone who visits our coastal city. From juicy IPAs bursting with flavor to complex barrel-aged sours, there’s a beer, and a brewery, for everyone who visits. We’ve tried them all and we’re happy to share with you our Local’s Guide to Virginia Beach Breweries.

Back Bay Brewing Co.

The Brewery
Back Bay Brewing is a favorite hangout for resort area locals and is a great place to spend an afternoon sampling some small-batch brews. This cozy, laid-back brewery is brought to the next level by the rustic, industrial interior by Benevolent Design Co., a local company located nearby in the ViBe Creative District. This is the place to come to be treated like a regular and just have a good time.

Our Top Picks
Steel Pier Bohemian Lager
Witch of Pungo Pumpkin Ale
Atlantic Ave IPA

Local Tip
Gringo’s Taqueria, located right next door to the brewery is the perfect addition to Back Bay’s beer. Get your fish tacos and bring them to the brewery with you.

Commonwealth Brewing Company

The Brewery
Like Back Bay, Commonwealth is also a favorite local hangout, but for the Chic’s Beach crowd. Draining their taps out of an old renovated firehouse, this place is open and inviting, and offers ample outside seating, as well. Come for the food trucks, outside seating, corn hole, and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Come back for the ever-changing selection of deliciously creative, expertly brewed beers. You’ll want to sample as many as you can here.

Our Top Picks
Wapatoolie Tropical IPA
Marvolo Imperial Chocolate Stout
Sophrosyne Aged Saison

Local Tip
Dogs are welcome outside at Commonwealth, and we’re all better for it. Take your pooch with you while you sample some suds.

Reaver Beach Brewing Company

The Brewery
This cozy brewery is a favorite for many a regular with its neighborhood bar-like atmosphere and delicious rotating beers. While all of their beers are worthy of a tasting, their sours deserve special recognition. This place is just all around cool.

Our Top Picks
The Reaver Sour Ale Jolie Rouge Sour Red
Hoptopus Double IPA

Local Tip
This place gets our vote for coolest flight. Cheers!

Wasserhund Brewing Company

The Brewery
Wasserhund is a German-inspired brewpub in the Hilltop area and is a great joint to get your pizza and beer fix, both of which are can’t-misses here. Their flights are very customizable, so taste as many of their house-brewed beers as you want. They have a great variety for fans of all kinds of beer.

Our Top Picks
Doggy Paddle IPA
German Shepheweizen
Atta Boy Altbier

Local Tip
If you leave here without trying their Jumbo Beer Pretzel, with beer cheese or German mustard, you’re doing it wrong.

Young Veterans Brewing Company

The Brewery
This veteran-owned, military-themed, brewery is a must visit for veterans and non-veterans alike. As if the creative and tasty brews weren’t enough reason to visit, the WWII-themed artwork for each beer, prominently displayed on the walls, makes this worth the trip in its own right. It doesn’t hurt that the staff also knows their stuff and will get you set-up with the perfect beer for your preferences every time.

Our Top Picks
Pineapple Grenade Hefeweizen
Mopp 4 Sour IPA
I Love Jet Noise Double IPA

Local Tip
Though they seem slightly off the beaten path, Young Veterans and Reaver Beach are actually within walking distance of each other, making for the perfect one-two punch on your tour of Virginia Beach Breweries.

Pleasure House Brewing Company

The Brewery
Pleasure House Brewing is what it would be like if you had friends who had a brewery in their house, and they made great beer. This place is unassuming, cozy, and just plain fun. Their beers are constantly changing and when they’re out, they’re out. Grab a glass, choose a game from the many they offer, and enjoy a night drinking good beer with good friends.

Our Top Picks
It’s hard to choose since they are constantly brewing new beers in small batches and when they’re gone, that’s it. It is hard to go wrong here and if you like one, you may want to stock up!

Local Tip
To take your beer home with you, try one of their crowlers, a 32-ounce mega-can of their delicious brews, canned right there in-house.

Green Flash Brewing Co.

The Brewery
While Green Flash is a San Diego-based brewery, when they opened their East Coast operation in Virginia Beach, they become a staple of our local brew scene right away. The spacious tasting room, outdoor patio, and lawn space make this a great place to spend an evening sampling a huge assortment of locally-brewed beers. The pet-friendly outdoor space is filled with lawn games, tables, and fire pits, which makes for a truly fun brewery experience.

Our Top Picks  
Sea to Sea Lager

Tangerine Soul Style IPA
Passion Fruit Kicker

Local Tip
While their selection may seem overwhelming at first, Green Flash offers full pours, half pours and even individual tastings. So, you can try as many different beers as you’d like our just stick with your favorite.

Home Republic

The Brewery
Home Republic is a restaurant and brewery located in the Oceanfront Resort District and is crafting some delicious brews. The laid-back, pub-like atmosphere is exactly what you’d expect for an a resort-area brewery and the beers certainly don’t disappoint.

Our Top Picks
King Kolsch
Shine On You Crazy Ryemond IPA
Salted Caramel Ale

Local Tip
Do not walk out of here without trying the fried mac ‘n’ cheese topped with a gouda cream.

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